Straight from the horses mouth

Host: AG Workforce

This weeks’ host is Ag Workforce. They’ve shared their experience in agricultural recruitment, including job seeking and interview tips – now it’s time to hear what their clients think about their service!

Employee testimonials

“I saw all the photos and jobs on Instagram and loved them! It was so much easier to go through AG Workforce as they had the information and handled the contact well. At the moment I am sowing crops. I absolutely love the lifestyle and the team atmosphere. The gear is also so new. I have already recommended AG Workforce to my friends! Thank you for helping me get a job in the world of agriculture.”

– Timothy

“I would like to thank the team at Ag Workforce. I contacted them with what I was looking for in a job and within a few days I was having an interview. The position they got me was perfect; exactly what I wanted. The team is always a pleasure to work with and very polite and professional. Thanks.”

– Heath

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Client Testimonials

“I like trying to find employees through AG Workforce as they are good to me and good at finding staff. They try their best to find the right people. I like going to AG Workforce as it is their job to recruit people into the industry and people seem to know them which makes it easier. Something I have also come to like is Hot Property and letting us know who is looking for work. The last employee I got through them was very good and a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. If someone doesn’t turn out to be the right employee, then the replacement guarantee they have is fair as well. I recommend AG Workforce.”

– Jim

Source: Keely Berther

“AG Workforce has a good source of candidates which you cannot find through traditional recruiting methods. They screen candidates well and don’t forward through job seekers which do not fit the job description; they only put forward people that have the skills and expertise required for the position. I do and have recommended AG Workforce to others. We’ve always had good quality candidates.”

– Scott