Wet Season – How we get in and out when the roads are wet

Host: Miss Chardy
Written by Danielle Doyle – Manager, Mittiebah Station.

I tell you, nothing is simple when you live at Bumtruck Nowhere. Nothing I tell you. Especially trying to get home once your fabulous holiday is over (If you need a little catch up on our holiday adventures you can start HERE to find out how we actually got out for holidays, and then read THIS post to find out where we went).

The relaxation of a family holiday comes to a grinding halt as soon as we drive back into Mt Isa. Mr Chardy is on the phone, sorting out this, that, and the other. He has ditched his shorts and loafers and is back in the old faithful jeans and boots. I get a little sad as soon as he puts his jeans back on – the holiday is OVER.

When you live out here in the middle of nowhere you can’t just pack up your beach house, load the kids in the car, and drive five hours home. You can’t pack up that morning and be home that night. This year our holiday return went something like this:

Sunday: Packed up house and left by 10am, caught the ferry at around midday back to Townsville. Stayed in Townsville the night.

Monday: Up and at it super early for a solid day in the car. There was whinging, fights, and a few smacks using my Birkenstock. Oops, did I just say that out loud? Lunch at Hughenden and back at the Isa by about 5:30pm. Overnight in Mt Isa.

Tuesday: A few jobs in the Isa and a bit of grocery shopping then we headed out to Camooweal. Of course we were now in seperate vehicles, Mr Chardy had his ute. Overnight in Camooweal ready for an early flight home the following day.

Wednesday: Up to the airstrip to unpack as much gear as we could fit in the plane, the rest would have to stay in the car or come out in the plane another day. Dosed the kids up on Kwells to prevent air sickness as none of us fly very well in small aircrafts. The mere thought of it nearly made me sick. I manned up and tried hard not to smell the Av gas or think about it. Thankfully we departed at 7am and had a smooth flight home, 45 minutes later and we were home at Chardy HQ International Airport. Our transfer vehicle was there waiting for us – the four wheeler! Too wet for a ute. Then we were HOME SWEET HOME.

Mr Savvy B was also there to fly their family home. It was all happening at Camooweal International, I tell you!




Station Air Strip


Chardy HQ – this is where we live:


The Station Cattle Yards:





Our transfer vehicle and chauffeur


And how about a few photos in memory of Maggie Island . . . just for shits and giggles.







It was great to arrive home to a clean house for once too.

So there you have it. We had a wonderful holiday on Magnetic Island and enjoyed our quick visit to Maleny for our friends wedding. We are now back ready to face 2015. Let’s do this people. A new year and a fresh start.

Did you enjoy a holiday away?  Did it take you three days to return home, or just five hours?