What do Recruiters look for in a Jobseeker?

Host: AG Workforce

There are different approaches and steps each Recruiter takes to find the best suited Jobseeker to fill a position. What it comes down to is the needs of the client and the type of position, skills, and experience required. Recruiters have a certain criteria to adhere to with each client and job listed. Below there are some tips from the recruiters to help you catch their eye to help you get the job that you want! With initiative, drive, and effort from you, you will be able to obtain your dream position.

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There are various things Recruiters look for. Some are as obvious as your appearance – it is important to ensure you are looking neat and tidy in your photo and also at the face to face interview stage. Some of the others things you may not even realise you are doing, like swearing on the phone while talking to a Recruiter. Recruiters will have a conversation over the phone with you to find out some more details before putting you up to positions. They ask about your previous experience in the Ag industry, if you have a vehicle and driver’s licences, any pets and what job you would like. When they ask you about previous experience they are listening to your attitude towards the position you applied for and if you are passionate about it.

One of the main tips would be to only apply for positions if you are truly interested in them. You need to regularly keep in touch with the Recruiter regarding the position available. The Recruiters always ask if you have your own vehicle and a current driver’s licence. Having your own vehicle, driver’s licence and/or truck licence is an asset to the client and yourself, particularly if you are keen to be in a remote location. Lastly, Recruiters always ask if you have any pets. This is vital information for the Recruiters as they are following a set criteria from the employer, and our clients may or may not like other animals on their property. In some cases working dogs and horses can be an asset on a property, so let the Recruiter know. Please understand that if you have any pig dogs it will limit your job opportunities.

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Now you know what our Recruiters are looking for, here are a few things you can do to help yourself stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to do anything crazy to stand out, just change or tweak a few things you already do. If you have never “officially” worked on a property but you grew up on a property/volunteered or have done work experience, the best thing to do is to write a cover letter outlining all of the skills and experiences you have gained on the farm to strengthen your application. When it comes to writing a CV/resume, some people find it a hard task, but we simply are asking you about your work history, skills and experiences. Make sure you list your previous jobs in chronological order. With the Jobseeker process here at AG Workforce, we ask for 2-3 Australian references, preferably previous employers in the Ag industry. Make sure you include them in your CV/resume at the bottom of the last page to save us asking you down the track.

As I said earlier, each Recruiter is different in their processes. If you have any questions or you would like to know how your job search is going, contact the Recruiter who has been handling your placement. We hope this will help you when you apply as a Jobseeker and better your chances of getting your dream job!