What goes on in the Yeeda office?

Host: Yeeda Pastoral Co.
Written by – Vicki Burton, Owner, Yeeda Pastoral Co.

The Yeeda office is based in Broome and it is from this busy little hub that we run the books of the separate companies that make up the Yeeda group. The office team is made up of Vicki, Viv, Kim, Georgia, and Marie (who joins us in the office when she is not in the shop).

Photo 1 Working Hard in the Office

Photo1.1Yeeda office girls.

We were previously based just out of town but moved to our current offices on Farrell Street last year, just ahead of the shop opening. Being in town is really convenient as it is so much closer when you need to pop to the bank, pick up supplies, or dash to the airport to check if any emergency air bagged freight has arrived in (we are really lucky in this sense as we have such easy access and don’t have to rely on once a week deliveries from the mail plane!).

An average day in the office probably doesn’t exist at the moment! We are in such a massive stage of growth that every day a new challenge arises, you find yourself doing something that you have never done, learning words that you have never heard (Doodlebug anyone?!) and as we often joke “making miracles happen”!

Viv spends her day looking after ALL of our accounts, she runs the books for all of the Yeeda Pastoral Companies. She is without doubt the least stereotypical accounts lady out there and proved that when she headed up the Dragon Boat team and shouted those station boys in to line!

Photo 2 Viv the Accounts LadyViv leading the team.

Kim looks after the admin side of things and again everyday is different. One minute she will be chasing up building plans, surveyors, and the Shire to help push things along with a new shop’s development and the next transferring cattle on the NLIS database. She specialises in tracking down the untrackable and gets it delivered next day!

Georgia is the newest member of the team and joined us four weeks ago exactly. She is fitting in to the team really well and has taken on the Australian Rangeland Meat work. She looks after our customers taking care of them from their order through to delivery.

The girls love to get out of the office and we thought it would be a great time to check out the progress at the Colourstone Abattoir site. We closed the office early and jumped in the cars for a quick Yeeda Roadtrip 110km up the highway.


Construction is underway as we speak. Everything is progressing really well and “at this stage” all is on track to be up and running early next year.

Photo 4 Abattoir StructureThe new abattoir.

Keep track of the abattoirs progress on Facebook “Yeeda Australian Rangeland Meat” – more updates will be coming soon. In the mean time Cheers from the office girls!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOffice girls at Colourstone.

P.S. For anyone left wondering . . . this is a Doodlebug (. . . useful for cleaning abattoirs!)

Photo 6 A DoodlebugA Doodlebug!