Meet the Warrawagine team

Host: Warrawagine Station
Written by – Caitlin, Station Hand, Warragine Station.

Being late in the season we have eight people working with us, during peak muster we have up to 20 people working here, these roles range from a motor bike rider, buggie driver, helicopter and fixed wing pilots, preg tester/spey technician, mechanic, grader driver, truck driver, bore man, gardener, cook, or the office man just to name a few.

1.11Smoko time.

The crew we have working here at the moment are all young and have a few seasons under their belt, you probably wouldn’t think they are a bunch of ringers if you passed them in the street but they are a very hard working and a competent team who all get along like a house on fire, they are fun and crazy to work with and I hope they all plan to hang around for a few more years to come. 

Robin and Lyle.

Robin and Lyle bought Warrawagine in 1992 and have been the backbone of the station since day dot. From being a humble farmer from Watheroo to a northern pastoralist Robin has made this place what it is today, a highly successful business.

1.12Robin and Lyle with Lyles mother GG.

Scott and Annette.

Scott is one of four sons to Robin and Lyle. Scott and wife Annette have called Warrawagine home for the past 13 years and they manage the station. Scotto started out as one of the ground crew doing his last muster on a bike at 37, now he flies one of the choppers on mustering days and drives one of the trucks on yard work days. Annie has done it all over the years, cook, gardener, office lady, teacher, she even helps out in the yards if needed!

Ben and Caitlin.

Ben has lived up here pretty much his whole life, except for a few years away at school. Once he finished high school he came back home to work in the mustering crew, after getting a few years under his belt on the ground he did his chopper license and is now the head stockman. I finished school and headed up to DeGrey station for three seasons, then I met Ben and started working here driving a mustering buggie and helping manage the yards and muster crew with Ben.


Liam and Michelle.

Liam and Mich started here in 2012, Liam is our truck driver, builder, welder handyman from Busselton and Mich is a buggie driver and my right hander, she is very reliable and very good at working with cattle.


1.4Shane ‘Franga’ Franklin.

Shane has worked at Warrawagine for seven years now and has just done his last season, Shane was the head stockman here when Ben was learning the ropes, he has taught him a lot about stock and working with different people.

1.9Ben and Shane.

Mark ‘Muddy’ Golington.

Mark is our preg test and spey technician, he is also one of the buggie drivers. He has been here on and off for many years, he has one of the most important jobs here helping to improve our herd by speying undesirable breeders and preg testing the lazy breeders.

Glenn ‘Stixy’ Obyrne.

Glenn came to Warrawagine in 2010 after working in a contract crew in the NT. He is one of the bike boys and always manages to get to ride the good country, you start to figure out the best spot after you have been here a few years. Glenn is also a very handy machinery operator, he hails from Busselton.

1.3Davo Leopard.

Davo came here at the start of 2012, after completing his mechanical apprentiship in Busselton he wanted a change of scenery, so Glenn suggested he come up here and now at the end of his second season he is a very good stockman and bike rider, plus a handy mechanic.

1.5Jayden ‘Junior’ Chedzey.

Junior did his first two seasons back in 2009 at age of 16, being the youngest he got mainly the crappy jobs to start with, since then he has proved himself to be a very very good motor bike rider and stockman and has now finished his 3rd season.


1.2Glenn and Jayden.

Andrew ‘Lambchop’ Davies.

Last year Chops was working on a sheep station in SA when he finally saw the light and decided he wanted to work with cattle. Being the new kid he is still learning the ropes, but is proving to be pretty handy.

1.7Jayden, Glenn and Andrew.