Advice for a bush wedding

Host: Callanna Station
Written by Lucy Goldspink

“Planning an outback wedding?” you say, “How romantic! How fun! How wild!”. I say, “How much bloody work!”

My darling husband and I got engaged in February 2018 and married at home on the station in April 2019. We chose to get married at home against many people’s advice, and it was amazing. A lot of work, but amazing.

A major advantage of getting married at home is that it’s going to be unique however you do it! Naturally it will represent your style and life without you even realising.

The biggest disadvantage is logistics, it’s the worst when you live 500+km from caterers and suppliers! We used Auburn Smoke House for catering and I would have had at least 90% of guests tell me it was the best food they have ever eaten. But seriously, being organised early is key!

You can freak out all you want but you need to make an effort to not sweat the small stuff, although it is harder than it sounds – trust me! Just worry about the things you can control and have contingency plans in place where possible.

At the end of the day, all people remember is the food and the drinks, no one will be able to repeat the details of your dress or what the table centrepieces looked like.

Do your research and buy some items where possible because there is always another bride out there that wants the same gear!

We chose our date based on weather. We pretty much have 1 month of nice weather in Marree so there was no other option other than April for me! The month of April was under much debate as that’s usually mustering month, but needless to say he compromised and we held the wedding in April!

The week leading up to the wedding there was SO many flies. Luckily, that day, the wind picked up just enough to keep them away.

We went to a clay pan for photos after. It was SO windy and dusty out there my head was being jerked back every time my veil caught the wind. I actually had some chicken fillets in (small boob life) and they kept moving around every time I had to lift my arms to fix my veil. After them appearing in the wrong spot multiple times I threw them to the wind and felt much more…. Free? It got a good giggle from the bridal party!

We used Edwina Robertson as our photographer, she was amazing. She even got my photo-hating husband to smile… At one point, she said to him “whisper something dirty in her ear”. He replied “We start mustering straight after the wedding”. Well played husband, well played.