Big Red’s adventure

Host: Warrawagine Cattle Co.
Written by Katie – Station Hand, Wallal Downs Station.

Hi all!

I’m Katie and I’m the girl Cinna (or as you may know her Jacinta) has been telling you about. Roughly a year and a half ago I was working an ordinary 9-5 office job in my hometown of Adelaide. Today I work as a station hand at Wallal Downs Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, three hours north of Port Hedland.

2.1 copyMe back in my city life.

I decided to leave Adelaide and explore a bit of Australia, a country I had grown up in but never really taken the time to get to know. Over the course of a few months I had travelled with my dog Flick, in Big Red (my van) across the Nullabor and explored the coast around to Perth.

2.2 copy

2.3 copyBig Red and Flick.

After residing in Perth for a few more months with close friends I sorted out a job working during the harvest season in the small country town of Watheroo in the Wheatbelt. As a girl who grew up in the suburbs of Adelaide with nothing country about me, this was something completely new and different and exciting. I loved the country lifestyle. I started working in the local tavern when the harvest season finished and it was here that the opportunity arose for a possible station job. One of the locals put me in touch with Geoff and Lynda Mills the managers of Wallal Downs Station on the Eighty Mile Beach. After talking with Lynda over the phone it was decided, I would head to Wallal and see what the lifestyle had in store for me.

So I was set, after a delayed start due to a couple of mechanical issues I was ready to make the trek up north. Not one to miss the opportunity for a bit of exploring I did a few days sightseeing along the way and arrived at Wallal on Easter Friday.

2.4 copyFlick enjoying our camp.

2.5 copySightseeing on my way to Wallal.

So please come back again tomorrow as I tell you the rest of my story.