Warrawagine and Wallal are back!

Host: Warrawagine Cattle Co.
Written by Jacinta Mills – Owner, Warrawagine Cattle Co.

Hi to all you Central Station followers!

It’s Jacinta here, and the last time I was talking to you I was busy introducing you all to life at Wallal Downs Station. Well . . . what a busy and eventful 12 months it’s been!

1.1 copyMyself and my kelpie Mia.

The wet season produced a below average rainfall for us, so it meant our centre pivots were in full swing with sorghum (and sorghum/cow pea mix) growing out of our ears. We managed to produce 2700 bales of silage which fed our own cattle here at Wallal and at Warrawagine. Once the “wet” season finished we went over to growing lucerne and oats and also put the first 250 head of cattle onto our stand and graze pivot. Those cattle started to fatten up nicely with a lovely diet of Rhodes grass, sorghum, cowpea, and cavalcade.

1.2 copySorghum growing nicely over the wet season.

This year we are changing things up a bit. You’ll be meeting and hearing from Katie; who has been at Wallal for nearly six months and she has stepped into her role as station hand with such ease.

1.3 copyMyself and Katie.

You’ll also be hearing from me, but with a bit of a difference. This year I’m at university on the other side of the country. So I’ll be showing you all what life is like for me now that I’m away from Wallal.

Stay tuned everyone as the next week will be full of a lot of firsts from both Katie and myself. We look forward to sharing it with you all.

1.4 copyCritters on the beach at Wallal Station.