Part time truckies too

Host: Monkira Station
Written by Deb Desreaux – Manager, Monkira Station.

With freight and hay both being expensive we’ve been utilising our road train for the past three years carting our own hay supplies in to feed weaners and the horse plant.

Although Anthony Desreaux (Manager), Kirk Fenton (Head Stockman) and Anthony White (Machinery Operator) all keep busy in their respective roles on Monkira, Anthony still schedules in the time to do at least three trips a year to collect hay supplies from outside sources at either Chinchilla or Hughenden. This hay is utilised to feed weaners and the horse plant during the year.

We have saved a pretty penny on our budget by doing this and the truck has also paid for itself in many other areas such as internal carting or transporting machinery to town if in need of major works.

Our Mack Superliner tows two flat tops that have single deck crates to go along with it. It sure makes more work for Anthony, Kirk, and Whitey but allows us to utilise money saved on other projects.

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