The “Office Lady”

Host: De Grey Station
Written by Hayley Goad, Office Manager – De Grey Station

There are days when that term “Office Lady”, bloody annoys me.

If you’ve read my previous blog, you’d know by now that I haven’t spent my career in an office. I’ve built up (hopefully) a respectable career in the agricultural industry working both inside and outside. The concept of being stuck inside four walls freaks me out a lot and I’m not even claustrophobic!

So why have I taken on a role with the title ‘Admin Officer’, you ask?

Well, that’s the thing, it’s just a title, it certainly isn’t a limitation to my job description.

This position allows me to do a little bit of everything and more. My main focus is the administration and business development side of the business. This is as simple as emailing, filing and documenting to as hectic as writing up contracts, policies and procedures, growing the business to the next level.

My passion and next focus would be cattle. This includes physically working them, which could be assisting with mustering or yard work. It also includes the administration side, being collecting data and recording/reporting that data – this stuff really excites me, or it could be organising the logistics of selling cattle into various markets.

The next big item on my to do list would be Human Resources. Now, this has been and is a learning curve for me. The paperwork side of HR is relatively straight forward: employee contracts, inductions, time sheets, training activities and so on. However, dealing with so many different personalities has been a roller coaster ride, exhilarating yet terrifying. From personal and work issues, to complaints and feedback, to disagreements and incidents, to breakups and hook-ups – I feel like I’ve seen it all now. And, although there have been some sticky and unpleasant situations, I have enjoyed the challenge, of course I wish there was less drama but all in all, the crew are a great group of individuals whom are my friends, co-workers and neighbours.

A part of this job is to also manage the Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (HVA)(Truck stuff) for the business. My dad has a trucking business and I never knew how intense it is to own a truck, let alone then drive your truck on the road. The rules and regulations are all there for a reason, I understand that and now that I’ve been through an audit I understand the procedures but coming in with no knowledge was a headache and a half.

Some of the bonus activities that I may partake in when required are:

  • Creating a meal for the crew (yes I create, not just cook food)
  • Cleaning accommodation quarters for guests
  • Being a big kid looking after the bosses kids (who are very intelligent & gorgeous kids)
  • Doing the rubbish bin
  • And the list could go on and on….

For me, working for any business or company I take huge pride and loyalty in doing so, sometimes too much but none the less. I am solely here to assist them in helping their business succeed and them to achieve their goals. Fortunately for me and possibly unfortunately for him, I work closely with owner, Mark Bettini – I am the thorn at his side, the nag in his ear and the pain in the ass he needs. Sounds pretty nasty doesn’t it? But no, we work very well together and achieve our objectives. We both have a lot of passion, ideas, and could talk about agriculture till the cows come home.

At the end of the day, it’s all part of living and working on a station, regardless of what your job or title is, no job is too big or too small. Every day is a new day and no two days are the same. You become an integral part of the business, the homestead and a team member.

So enjoy the day, wash away the negativity at night and remember that tomorrow is a new day in this crazy life of experiences and adventure, where ever the red dirt road takes us.

 It can get a bit chilly in the office!

 Perks of the job – at the Broome Races with the boss man.